Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend drinking & cheating

Memorial weekend drinking leads to cheating :(

If you've been following along with my blog, you know that I have scheduled cheat days every 14 days and I'm usually very good about eating very strict until those scheduled cheat days.

Unfortunately, this past Saturday a little too much drinking lead to me cheating the next day trying to recover from the hangover. 

I know I really shouldn't be drinking too much if at all while dieting but there are ways to still enjoy alcohol while losing fat as written by Martin Berkhan of Leangains, in his article The truth about alcohol, fat loss, and muscle growth

That morning, me and my girlfriend has just finished at the gym and were laying on the beach tanning and getting some Vitamin D :) My girlfriend gets a text saying her friends were getting together to hang out. 

She gets a text later that they were also planning on going out to Myth nightclub that night as well. I knew my girlfriend wanted to hang out and be social since its been a while so I told her we could go if she wanted to.

So that night, we were pregaming and I started out having a couple shots maybe about 4 or 5. When we get to the club, me and my girlfriend get long island iced teas that were made extra strong (This was my mistake right here...there was too much gin in there and my body doesn't handle gin well). I think I probably had another 1 to 2 shots after that but I definitely should not have as that long island iced tea had me feeling pretty bad already.

I am normally pretty good at not drinking too much and I thought I was fine until we got into the car on the ride home. This was when I felt like throwing up and held it in until we got home. We get home and I go straight to the bathroom and throw up the dinner I had. After I throw up, I go straight to the couch and pass out.

Me and my girlfriend wake up around 8:30 AM and drive home while I am still feeling very hungover. When we get home I go straight to bed and sleep until 12:30 PM. I feel a little better but still terrible. 

This terrible feeling leads to me agreeing with my girlfriend about getting Pho to cure my hangover. If you don't know what Pho, its a delicious Vietnamese beef noodle soup that is great for those morning after club nights. Being at the restaurant and hungover leads to me eating not only the pho, but some summer rolls and fried chicken wings too. 

Then after we eat pho, we go to a Vietnamese deli to get Vietnamese hoagies! This was the hungover me taking over! 

We get home and eat our hoagies and finish a whole container of Mint Cow Tracks ice cream...horrible.

I know this is going to sound like I'm making excuses but I know this wouldn't have happened had I not drunk to the point of throwing up. If I didn't feel so terrible I wouldn't have felt like needing more nutrients to help my body recover. I've learned my lesson...Don't drink too much when dieting!

Have you had any similar drinking and cheating experiences?


Naveen said...

woof, I have been doing leangains for around 3 months now and I love it. I dont love the fasting when I'm hungover though so what i usually do is if i go out drinking i'll pound water till I just cant literally drink anymore and thats a lot because I'm used to drinking around 2 gallons of water a day. That helps a ton with the hangover, its tempting to just fall asleep but its even more tempting not to wake up with a hangover ;)

AestheticMuscle said...

Thanks for the tip Naveen. I try to pound as much water as possible after drinking but it's tough if I'm reeeaally drunk :)
I just got back from Vegas and did a good job of not getting too drunk any of the three nights I went partying!

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