Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion Protein Review

When it comes to my use of protein powders, I don't really have any strong opinions or bias for a particular brand. I've found that the two most important factors when it comes to choosing a protein powder is quality and taste. 

Most of the other features advertised for protein powders such as how fast or slowly it absorbs, how it was filtered or exchanged won't make any noticeable difference for most people. I'm not sure it means any difference for the 1% of the population who actually need to focus on the little details either. 

If I happen to try or sample a new protein powder that I like better than my current favorite, then the new protein powder would become my new favorite.

With this being said, Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion Protein is currently my protein powder of choice. Gaspari Nutrition is a trusted brand by a lot people so I trust that the protein powder is a quality protein and has what it says it has on the label. 

The best thing about the powder is of course the taste. I've tried many different protein powders and the combination of Myofusion's taste, texture, and quality are above all others.

Here's what's listed on Gaspari's website about what Myofusion does:

  • A Cost Effective Yet Great Tasting Protein Powder Designed to be Used Multiple Times per Day Without Breaking your Budget

    -I've found that Myofusion can be found anywhere from $35 - $40 dollars for a 5 lb jug which is a great deal considering today's protein prices. A 5 lb jug contains approximately 63 servings.
  • Optimal Ratios of Cross-Flow Cold Process/Microfiltered Whey Protein Concentrate & Isolate, Egg Albumen, and Milk Protein Isolate*

    -This doesn't mean too much to me and wouldn't mean too much to most people. However, I do believe that protein blends are better for you than straight whey protein alone. Myofusion has a good blend of whey, egg, and milk proteins as listed above.
  • Contains A Powerful Proteolytic GaspariZyme™ Complex For Extreme Bioavailability and Maximum Amino Acid Levels In The Bloodstream*

    -I don't know exactly what GaspariZyme is and I can't easily find it on the website but this probably makes little to no difference on the absorption of the protein.
  • No Sugar Added, Aspartame Free*

    -No sugar added is always a good thing. No aspartame means they use other artificial sweeteners which I've found do taste better that aspartame.
  • Incredible Long-Term Taste Satisfaction*

    -This is very true. I've been using Myofusion for about a year now and am very satisfied with the taste and look forward to drinking my favorite flavors every time.
Myofusion comes in 6 different flavors, of which I've tried all of them except the Cookies and Cream. The other flavors are Milk Chocolate, Delicious Vanilla, Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate Mint, and Banana Perfection. My favorite ones are Banana Perfection and Strawberries & Cream. 

Last night, I just made another protein powder purchase as I'm running low on Myofusion. If Myofusion was on sale for $30 for a 5 lb jug I would have bought Myofusion, but since it wasn't I decided I would try some new ones that were priced lower. I bought Muscle Pharm Combat Powder Banana Cream, VPX Sports Syngex Cookies & Cream, and 4 Ever Fit Fruit Blast the Whey Mango Magic from
We'll see if one of the above take over Myofusion as my favorite protein.


Anonymous said...

What is your diet like on your "rest\cardio" days?

Do you still drink your protein shakes the same?


Duong Nguyen said...

Yup, my diet is exactly the same and I still drink the protein shakes.

Only difference is I'll have BCAA/Creatine drink during the cardio and won't have any protein until after I'm done with my cardio session/

Mike.nguyen said...

Thank bro!

So do you totally skip breakfast?

Do you have any sort of snacks?

Duong Nguyen said...

Yup, I totally skip breakfast. This would break the fast if I had any calories. So no snacks either :)

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