Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beast Mode Preworkout Review

I recently posted about the free Beast Sports supplements samples that were being given away by BEAST Sports Nutrition. In that sample package was their preworkout supplement called Beast Mode. With such an awesome name for a preworkout, I was hoping it would really turn me into a Beast in the gym :)

The Beast Mode preworkout came in a common flavor, fruit punch. I had mixed the sample packet with 10 ounces of water as directed. When I sipped the drink, my first impression was that the taste was not very strong. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing or a good thing, I just didn't expect it to be so light due to my experience with other preworkouts. 

Along with the light taste, it wasn't very sweet or sour either. It was almost like drinking a very light sugar water. Because of its light flavor, it was very easy to drink down. Another good thing was that it had no aftertaste.

The texture was a little chalky but otherwise it did mix smoothly in my blender bottle.

Once I finished the drink, I actually started to get a stomach-ache and feel light headed. The light headedness is common for me when I take a preworkout but the stomachache is not. Because of this I thought I was not going to have a very good workout. 

Despite the stomachache and light headedness, once I got into the gym I felt great! My stomachache was gone and so was the light headed feeling. I didn't feel cracked out but it almost felt like I didn't want to rest between sets! My energy lasted well past the duration of my workout. 

My strength has slowly been increasing since I started bulking and has been really noticeable lately. Because of this it's hard for me to say whether the strength increases I saw this workout were due to the Beast Mode or if I would have gotten the same weight and reps without it.

What I can say is that it didn't hurt and I did reach a new personal best in this particular maybe it was the Beast mode?

Beast Mode Activated!

I felt great throughout the workout session. My strength was able to be sustained until the end and I never felt drained or exhausted.

I've mentioned before that I don't normally pay too much attention to pumps as I've never had trouble feeling the pump. But for the sake of the reviews I do try to see if there's any difference. I can honestly say that I did feel more pumped this workout than I normally do. Whether this was because of the beast mode or the increased weight and reps is hard to say as I'll just say it was a combination of both :)

I thought the effects of this preworkout were pretty good. I reached new personal bests and I had good energy and endurance past the duration of the workout.

However, the stomach-ache was a major point of concern. I don't know which of the ingredients gave me a stomachache but whatever it was, it sure didn't feel good. But I also haven't read about any other reports of this either so it could have just been a one time occurrence or maybe just me.

I'd like to think the stomach-ache and lightheadedness was all a part of getting into Beast Mode! :)


Prof. Dr. Andro said...

if you got high stomach acid, I would vouch that this is from the caffeine content, you can easily say from the fact that there are only 80mg Thiamine in the product and this is no2 on the 408mg "Energy & Intensity Blend" + ~30mg of other B's that you have a whopping 280mg of Caffeine Anhydrous, which can easily give you heartburn

Duong Nguyen said...

Thanks for your valuable insight Dr. Andro! When I experienced the stomachace, I took a closer look at the label to see if I could determine with it may have been.

I saw the caffeine but didn't look to breakdown the amount of it.

The highest "known" caffeine dose I've ever taken was the standard 200 mg in most caffeine pills and never experienced any stomach discomfort, so maybe the 40% over standard dose did do it.

Foreman00081 said...

i had a sample of beast mode and tried it a couple weeks ago. i definetly got the stomach ache like you did but for me it lasted through my entire workout and was so bad that i had to stop between almost every set because i felt so sick. i even had to cut my workout short because of it. also i couldnt believe how bad this stuff tasted! it was the most horrible tasting preworkout ive ever tried. i swear it tasted exactly like lawn fertilizer smells, i almost coulndt finish drinking it, and now looking back, i probably shouldnt have.

Duong Nguyen said...

That sounds like a bad experience Foreman. Hopefully it was just a sample and not a full size container that you bought.

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