Monday, September 19, 2011

MAN Sports Body Octane Game Day review

I recently got the chance to try some samples of another preworkout, MAN Sports Body Octane Game Day. Here are my overall impressions of this new preworkout product.

I have to admit that I wasn't expecting much  for this preworkout product. I hadn't heard anything about how it tasted and my recent experience with preworkouts left a bad taste in my mouth :P

I was actually shocked when I took my first sip and found it was actually delicious! It tasted like a mix of lemonade and mountain dew with very little aftertaste.

I would have to say it tasted better than Lit-Up and on par with the taste of Jack3d.

I didn't get a boost or feel any extra energy on this. I actually felt tired while driving to the gym. It had already been about 45 minutes since I drank the preworkout so it should have kicked in by then, but I didn't feel anything :(
I did have good energy once I started my workout but I think this was just me being able to get myself up for the workout :)

Sample packet of MAN Body Octane Game Day...I love getting samples! :)

Strength was still good during my workout and I was able to increase the weight in my lifts but I don't believe it was attributed to the preworkout. I think I was able to increase weights because I was coming off two consecutive rest days.

Endurance was also good during this workout but I didn't feel any different than normal and I definitely didn't feel the awesome endurance I experienced with White Flood.

Pumps felt great during this workout but once again, it wasn't any different than what I normally feel and didn't feel anything "extra".

My overall impression of MAN Sports Body Octane Game Day is that it tastes really great but didn't provide me with anything during my workout. I wish it did provide something as I really did enjoy the taste of it but unfortunately, I would have to say the product did not "work" for me.

Perhaps I would get a better effect if I had taken two servings instead of one? Has anyone else had experience with this preworkout product?

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