Monday, July 18, 2011

White Flood review

Controlled Labs White Flood sample review

Recently, I had requested some samples from the supplement company known as Controlled Labs. If you're not familiar with the company name, you may be familiar with their most popular supplement called Purple Wraath.

Samples received from Controlled Labs: REDuction, Green Magnitude, White Flood, Purple Wraath
They also have a pre-workout product called White Flood, which I've been hearing a lot about on the forums. They apparently come out with an updated version which people were saying was better than the original. 

So here's my review of the sample product I received:

I have to admit, I was kind of disappointed with the taste. I was expecting something pretty delicious since that was what I had been reading on the forums so I guess my high expectations sort of set me up for a let down. I'm wondering if I got a sample of the original version instead of the newly revised version.

It was a supposed to be fruit punch flavor which I guess that's what it did taste closest to. It's hard to describe what I didn't like about the taste though, it was just off. I guess I would say that there was an aftertaste that I didn't like about it. It wasn't bad but I wouldn't say it was good either. It's not a product that I would like to sip on and would just chug it as fast as I could.

I've tried other preworkouts that have tasted better such as Lit-up, Jack3d, and Superpump 250

The energy I felt on this was great. I normally don't like to take stimulants that get me too "amped" up but this one felt good. It got me ready to workout but didn't feel like the kind of cracked out "amped" like I used to with get with ephedrine, but this is a good thing for me.

For this particular workout, it was my "heavy" day so I was doing sets of 5 reps. I did notice that I was able to increase the weight a little bit in each of 3 exercises which I did. This was a little bit of a surprise as I had been out late the night before until 4 AM. So thumbs up for this area :)

This is the area where I really felt it made a difference. Normally, towards the end of my workout, I can tell when I'm ready to leave the gym. But yesterday, I felt like I had just as much strength and energy at the end of my workout as I did at the beginning! This was a pretty amazing effect for me.

I don't normally pay too much attention to the pumps I get from products as I've never had trouble obtaining a pump in the gym. Even when I do low rep workouts like the one I was doing, I get a pump. So in this area, I didn't notice anything different. 

This is a preworkout that I definitely would buy for its effects and price if it tasted better. If you're not too concerned with taste, then I would definitely recommend this product for its effectiveness. I might consider buying it if I could get it for a super low price than it already is, but until that happens I'm going to continue to try other preworkouts.

Note that you will definitely feel the Beta Alanine "tingles" with this product as I felt it very strongly on the back of my neck and shoulders.

What preworkouts have you guys used and recommend?


Prof. Dr. Andro said...

I've always found that white flood tastes like shampoo :) So, I am with you on that one Duong... tastes AWFUL!

the ingredient profile is solid, but the rave on all the bulletin boards is pure (over-)hype

Duong Nguyen said...

Yeah I liked the ingredient profile and the effects on my workout...but it is hard to imagine drinking it a couple times a week due to the taste!

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