Saturday, October 1, 2011

Today Is The Day We Stop Making Excuses

This is a great new campaign started by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, in which they want people to tell themselves "Today is the day we stop making excuses!"

In the commercial they portray the fat and obese doing "lazy" things such as sleeping on the couch and taking the elevator, while they are singing about how they will start exercising and taking the stairs TOMORROW. How many times have we heard that excuse from people in our own lives, and even from ourselves?

When I first saw the commercial I thought, "Wow, this is awesome! I love that they are portraying fat people the way they really are!"

I'm a little surprised this commercial hasn't become a target of pro-fat organizations such as NAAFA. (I'm totally against the organization by the way. Even though the United States seems to be headed this way, being fat should not be accepted as normal and healthy because it is not!)

Perhaps there has not been much attention for the commercial because it is only shown locally here in Minnesota. I hope the commercial goes nationwide so that it inspires people to stop making excuses and make a change!

And if not that, hopefully it gets some attention and companies start making more commercials like this where they are not afraid to be politically incorrect and call out the fat and obese.

So help spread the word on this great commercial by sharing it on your facebooks, twitter, forums, and blogs.

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