Friday, December 9, 2011

Velocity Shot Preworkout review

It may seem like the only products I've been reviewing are preworkouts. There's a good reason for this. They are one of the few supplements that show an immediate effect, and these are the samples that I've been receiving :)

So this brings me to the latest sample preworkout I received, Neogenix Velocity Shots  This is the first "shot" type of preworkout that I've tried. It was nice to not have to drink so much additional liquid before working out.  So onto the review...

Being that this was a shot, it's really not meant to be drunken slowly and held in your mouth but this is what I did for the sake of the review. It tasted like a diluted orange flavored cough medicine, which wasn't exactly delicious. But again this wasn't meant to savored so I'd think I had just took the shot, I barely would have noticed the taste.

Good thing about this preworkout was I didn't feel any jitters. But I also didn't feel a boost in energy so I thought this stuff wasn't going to do anything. However, once I got to the gym and started warming up, I was hyped and ready to lift! 

I was able to achieve a new personal best during this workout, getting 160 lbs for 5 reps on weighted dips. I felt very strong during this exercise and for rest of my workout as well.

I had great energy throughout the workout and all the way to the end. I never felt tired and felt like I could rest minimally especially during the weighted dips.

I don't normally have an issue getting a pump and would have to say there was no noticeable additional effects in this area.

I felt this was a effective for a preworkout and would do the job of making sure I get a good workout in. I would use this product again if I get more samples or can get it on sale :)

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