Monday, April 16, 2012

Universal Samples!

I'd like to thank Universal Nutrition for the package of samples they just recently sent me!

The package  includes:
-1 Sample of Real Gains (Weight Gainer)
-1 Sample of Atomic 7 (BCAA product with added glutamine and citrulline malate)
-1 Sample of Shock Therapy (Their new re-worked pump/preworkout product)
-1 Sticker that says "Univeral is Numero Uno" 

3 different samples!
If you'd guys like to try some samples from Universal, you can request them at the following link:

Let me know how you like the samples! Oh and don't forget to like the Aesthetic Muscle facebook page as I prefer to post quick updates/supplements deals/samples there instead of writing a blog post!

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