Monday, April 30, 2012

Universal Shock Therapy Preworkout Review

I recently got to try the Universal Shock Therapy preworkout I wrote about in my previous blog post. I was pretty excited to try this after reading the information packet that came with the samples. Universal also really promoted the taste as being something exceptional so I was thinking this may take the number one spot in terms of taste.

The flavor sample they sent me was Clyde's Hard Lemonade. It mixed smoothly and left no floating particles. It had a very good smell like a strong pink lemonade.

As for the actual taste?...It tasted pretty bad with 8 oz of water...very mediciny and bitter. There was also an aftertaste that was bitter too. I thought maybe I just needed to add more water, so I added more water and it pretty much tasted the same, just not as strong. The taste not being great was pretty disappointing. 

Mixed with 8 oz of water. 
I only felt a slight increase in energy. However I had a great workout this session. It gave me a feeling of restlessness where I just wanted to do my next set and not rest so long. It was a good thing I took this on my "medium" day (sets of 8-14 reps) instead of my heavy day (sets of 3-5 reps).

I felt strong throughout the workout but there was no noticeable "extra" strength I could speak about.

My endurance during this Shock Therapy workout was great. I didn't want to leave the gym when I was done with my workout. I felt like I didn't do enough and wanted to stay and do more!

I experienced an awesome pump in my biceps and rear delts. But, this was nothing new for me as I have no problems getting pumps in these body parts.

I really pretty excited to try this preworkout but have to admit...I was let down. From reading the hype on it, I thought it had the chance to be the best tasting preworkout but it wasn't even close and would even say it was the worst, second only to White Flood!

I thought it also had a disappointing initial feel...there was no burst of energy or focus like with C4 or CrazeI did end up having a great workout though but the taste was pretty bad!
I would only use this if I got it for free or a huge 75% discount!..even then I think I would combine it with C4 or Craze.

Free sample!
Let me know what you guys think of the samples you get from Universal :)


Anonymous said...

What do you think about Super DMZ? That Balco guy Patrick says its the real deal. True or not?

Duong Nguyen said...

I don't know if it's the real deal or not...I've heard the radio ads on Super Human Radio about Super DMZ and I read an article recently from Patrick Arnold about it but never looked into it.

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