Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Look Good in Your Halloween Costume!

I went out to party for Halloween this past weekend and had a great time. Being that it was Halloween and tons of people were out, I saw plenty of people in costumes. I saw people that looked awesome in their costumes and people that didn't look very good in their costumes.

So what did I notice was the main difference between the people who looked awesome and ones that didn't? 

I could tell the awesome looking people lifted weights and watched what they ate. The awesome looking ones had a good build and defined muscles!

Ryu and Caveman looking awesome in their costumes :)
Having a good build with muscles and low bodyfat is a great thing during Halloween...you could pretty much wear any costume and look awesome. You don't need to worry about being too skinny or too fat or not looking right. Everything will look good on you!

There are a ton of reasons to lift weights: Build muscle, lose fat, get stronger, increase testosterone, be healthier, live longer. And now you have another reason: Look awesome in your Halloween costume!

Lift weights and be anything you want!
If you love dressing up and going out for Halloween, get a head start on next year and start lifting weights now! 

Check out my Aesthetic Bulking Plan on how I'm building muscle and after that check out my 12 week transformation series to learn how to cut the fat! (Scroll down to Search this Blog and type in 12 week transformation)


Larry said...

Awesome costume Duong, you made for a buff looking caveman!

Duong Nguyen said...

Thanks for the compliments Larry! Buff caveman kinda doesn't make sense but I guess it looks cool :)

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