Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Fat Gain - How to Prevent It

Thanksgiving is here and now is the time when people really start to pack on the fat! I know I have done it myself in the past and am trying to avoid the fat gain disaster this year. 

Every year my family and relatives all go to my Aunt's house to celebrate Thanksgiving. Although we are Vietnamese, we do partake in eating Turkey and mashed potatoes. Along with this food though will be other Asian foods such egg rolls, fried rice, crab soup, fried noodles, and other various Vietnamese desserts. 

Can't wait to eat this!

It's easy to see how someone could go overboard with all this delicious food! Because of my goal to stay fairly lean while bulking, I am going to utilize the strategy outlined below in an attempt to prevent fat gain.

My strategy to minimize the fat from building:

  • Eat low calories and no carbs the day before (about 1500 calories for me)
  • Fasted weight training the morning of
  • Fast until mealtime (probably around 12 pm for me)
  • Eat meats/veggies first before filling up on carbs and desserts
  • Do something active after the meal such as taking a walk or throwing football around.

If I still feel like a fatass the day after, I will then have another low carb cardio day on Black Friday. 

I believe the strategy outlined would help anybody prevent fat gain from the Thanksgiving eating and I am damn sure it will help me :) I think I might even take before and after pictures!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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