Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bad experience with VPX Syngex protein

Last month I had a really bad experience with VPX Sports Syngex protein. I had decided to buy it because the protein was on sale for a cheap price and I had no problems with it previously when I tried their Cookies & Cream flavor.

I ordered two 5 lb jugs, one of each flavor: Chocolate and Vanilla.

When I first started using it, I had the worst stomach irritation/discomfort and diarrhea. I had never experienced anything like this before! It felt like I was urinating out of my ass!

I continued to use it for the next few days thinking that it may have been something else. But every night after I took the protein, I experienced the same symptoms. Immediately after discontinuing the use of the Syngex protein, the symptoms went away so I was confident the Syngex protein was the cause of my troubles.

This is how I felt

I searched some forums to see if this had been reported before and did find others that experienced the same thing, but also others who did not. I wondered what could be causing this horrible reaction in me and certain others but then not everybody?

I wrote to where I ordered the protein and described my problem and they told me they don't accept returns on opened items...Damn. This was all they wrote back to me:

"You are free to return any UNOPENED product for a full refund."

Pretty good customer service huh? So now, I have two 5 lb opened jars that I can't return and can't use :(

I decided to contact VPX on their facebook page and described my experience with the Syngex protein. They responded with a comment telling me to email them. I emailed them and got a quick response back from Jon Owoc.

I ideally just wanted a refund, but they offered to send me a jug of their SRO protein, which is lactose free, zero carb, whey protein isolate (they suspected it might have been the lactose in the Syngex that caused me troubles but I can drink milk, eat ice cream, and drink other whey concentrates just fine, so I disagreed with the cause). 

I doubted they would have refunded me for the money I spent elsewhere for the product so I took them up on their offer for the tub of SRO protein and also let them know my problems were not due to the lactose and maybe I had gotten a bad batch. They did ask for the lot numbers on the jars I had and said they would let their production know in case they run into similar issues in the future.

A few days later I received a package in the mail from VPX and I was happy to see they sent me a 5 lb jug of their SRO protein, a 2 lb jug of their Protein Rush product, and a box of their Zero Impact protein bars!

Thanks VPX!
I'm happy to report the SRO Protein causes no issues for me so I am actually able to use it!
I haven't tried the Protein Rush yet, but the VPX Impact bars are pretty good and cause no issues either.

This one bad experience won't prevent me from using VPX products in the future, but my bad experience with Nutraplanet customer service definitely gives me second thoughts about ordering from them again.

This is the first time in my plus 10 years of taking supplements that I've actually tried to return a product. It's too bad Nutraplanet couldn't do more for me considering I've been a long time customer and have spent thousands over the years, but I'm sure glad VPX was able to do something for me. Thanks for the great service VPX!


SJ the Destroyer said...

That's horrible. I had a reaction to some GNC vitamin's last year where I'd get shortness of breath about 20 minutes after taking them. GNC refunded me and we've been on good terms since.
Those Impact bars are amazing! What flovor did they send you? The Pumpkin ones are pretty close to pie, but the PB&J ones are just about perfect. I'd skip every meal just to eat one of those...

Duong Nguyen said...

Hey SJ, that's the good thing about GNC is that you can return opened items...too bad their prices are always so high.
The flavor the sent me of the Impact Bars was German Chocolate. Pretty good, but not as good as Qwest protein bars. That PB&J bar sounds awesome!

SJ the Destroyer said...

Over the weekend I stopped in at the GNC at Har Mar mall in Roseville. I found the VPX PB&J bars, so delicious!!! I usually shop at the West St Paul & Woodbury one's and they rarely have them, so this was an epic weekend.
My other favorite bar is the Supreme Protein carb concious PB&J bars. The liquid jelly in them is worth it. Those again are only GNC type store's as grocery stores almost never have them.
I eat paleo 95% of the time and sometimes cheat on the weekends with protein bars, and those are my two go-to bars...

Adelfo Cerame Jr. said...

Hey Duong, I had the same experience with this protein. I also got it at a good deal, plus they threw in a case of friction so it was a great deal, but yeah being in a chair, I almost shit myself a couple times. At first I thought it was some tainted chicken I bought but realized a week after that it was the syngex giving me the shits! A horrible case of it! Lol.

Never again! Lol

othon said...

I had exactly the same reaction with the syngex protein. also ended up with a 5lbs. I am mixing it with my regular protein Brand like 10% syngex 90% regular Brand. this has minimized the problem.

Duong Nguyen said...

I've seen some other people on the forums complain about it. I'm surprised there hasn't been something done about it yet.

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