Saturday, February 4, 2012

LG Sciences Lipotropic Protein: 5 lbs for 18 dollars!

If you guys want some cheap protein, I just ordered some LG Sciences Lipotropic Protein from It's currently  5 lbs for 18 dollars!

Flat rate shipping is 5.99. Use code  CEL-emdub  for an extra 5% off. 

It is a blend of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, genus protein isolate(pea protein), milk protein isolate, egg protein isolate and micellar casein. 

I initially only ordered one bottle because I read reviews saying it was terrible but other reviews said it was pretty good. 

I received my bottle and tasted it. It doesn't taste bad and is definitely drinkable. But it does have a unique taste to it due to the pea protein. But for 18 bucks it is a steal! It is cheap because it is expiring in April 2012. So I ordered another 2 bottles :)


Richard Ma said...

I had a great experience with recently when purchasing protein. My order arrived missing a bottle of protein and I contacted them today just to inform them of their error. Without complaining, yelling, or b*tching, they through in an extra bottle of protein and apologizing for the error. Now that's a company I like dealing with and will definitely order from them again.

Duong Nguyen said...

That's not so awesome that they messed up your order, but it is really awesome how they are making up for it! I read somewhere had some issues in the past, but it seems they are making it up to bring back customers. Now if only they can get a faster website!

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