Thursday, August 25, 2011

Myofusion Order results in Free Fat Burner!

I recently made an order for more Myofusion since it was on sale for $31 per 5lb jug with free shipping (plus its my favorite tasting review of it is here). I bought 4 jars, 2 banana and 2 strawberry, to make sure I have plenty for my upcoming bulk :)

Along with the Gaspari Myofusion protein, I purchased SAN T2 Xtreme which I also plan on using during my bulk to possibly minimize fat gain and build and restructure lean muscle.

The great thing about the T2 Xtreme I purchased is that I only ordered 1 bottle but received 2 by mistake!...Woohoo! Getting free supplements like this is like Christmas for me :)

2 for 1 SAN T2 Xtreme. Now I'll be twice as ripped :P

More specifics of how I plan on "bulking" are coming in a future blog post so I would suggest subscribing to my email list or liking my page on facebook for immediate notification of the post. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Where did you find it for 31$ shipped? Am I overlooking?


Duong Nguyen said...

Hey Mike,

I found it on The coupon code "bulkisback" gives 10% off with free shipping. I'm not sure if the coupon is still valid or not though.

I normally would post deals like this but didn't want to post this one because bulknutrition gets really bad reviews for service.

Prof. Dr. Andro said...

don't forget to let us know how the "T2 on a bulk" is working for you, Duong :-)

Duong Nguyen said...

Oh yeah, I definitely will let you know Dr. Andro. I actually haven't started it yet but do plan to starting next week!

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