Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cheating on Vacation

Cheating on Your Diet while on Vacation

When it comes to whether I should continue dieting or not while I'm on a vacation, my view is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Unless you've got a contest, photo shoot, or something where your income depends you looking awesome coming up, there's no need to restrict yourself while on vacation. 

Vacation is a time to relax
Minimizing the damage
This past weekend I flew to Philadelphia for my friend's engagement celebration. I actually flew in on Thursday night and would not be leaving until Tuesday. 

Now knowing how I am if I let myself totally go with the food, there are some things I did to minimize the damage. 

On the Thursday and Friday that I was there, I continued eating like I would if I was on my diet meaning low carb, high protein and intermittent fasting. 

I then allowed myself free reign on Saturday and Sunday. My friend's engagement celebration was on a yacht where there was plenty of food and drinks consumed. I felt like I ate everything in site and was so full, my stomach felt like it was going to explode.

Also to minimize this damage, I had dieted very strictly up until then treating it like my cheat day (I normally have a cheat day or refeed every 14 days)

I got in some home workouts as well on Thursday and Saturday morning before the yacht. 

Then after Sunday, I continued my dieting again on Monday.

So what was the damage done? Well, that Saturday morning I weighed 162 lbs. I didn't weigh myself again until Monday morning after all the damage and I was up to 169! I know this was mostly glycogen, water, bulk in my stomach and maybe just a little fat so I was not worried. 

So after continuing with my dieting on Monday, by Tuesday afternoon I was back down to 165 already. I know from past experience if I had not anything to minimize the damage, I would have gained 12 lbs or more!

Do you still diet while on vacation? If not, how do you minimize the damage?

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