Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Drinking Leads to....?

Weekend Drinking Leads to....?

This past weekend me and my girlfriend had planned to go out on the lake and do some boating with friends. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate as it was cloudy with showers.

So instead of going out boating we just hung out around her one friend's house for a while and of course when friends get together, there is going to be yummy food around.

No boating for us this weekend :(

For lunch, the food available was: grilled chicken salad, beef salad with white rice, and papaya salad. Since I'm following a low carb diet, I refrained from eating that delicious white rice and only had the salads with no rice :)

The one guy from that group of friends always offers me beer whenever we hang out. I don't particular have a taste for beer and also feel it makes me fatter than other alcoholic drinks. So I had to decline multiple times.

Evening time with alcohol
After sitting around for a bit waiting to see if the weather would get better, we decided it wasn't going to improve. We decided to head out to another friends house to eat some Pho (delicious Vietnamese beef noodle soup that is impossible to resist!)

So now at this house there were egg rolls, ice cream, papaya salad, and Pho. And now since the evening was here, people were also passing shots of Rum!

Now I don't have a problem with drinking alcohol even while dieting, but I do refuse to drink beer. However, I hard liquor is fine with me :)

The Rum I had this past weekend

Problem with alcohol while dieting
I've noticed no negative effects in terms of body composition when consuming hard liquor(within moderation of course) in the past. 

What does cause a problem though is the inhibitions that go along with alcohol consumption. Sometimes when drinking, you willpower against the diet killer foods I've been avoiding goes out the window. 

Why is that after drinking, your body craves fatty, carbohydrate laden food instead of high protein foods? 

This night I probably had just about 4 shots of rum.
Fortunately for me, this was not enough to destroy my willpower and I was able to resist this time around! 

I did have some Pho but did not eat any noodles and just had the beef and broth. I also was able to avoid the egg rolls and ice cream as well which was very difficult watching everybody enjoy them in front of me! I was able to do this by just telling myself NO to those foods. (It helped that I didn't get drunk from too many shots as well)

How do you guys deal with alcohol and the cravings that occur afterwards?

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