Thursday, June 9, 2011

Increase Your Willpower When Dieting

How to increase your willpower on a diet

Example of willpower

During my most recent transformation, I felt like it was so easy for me to diet and resist the delicious foods that sabotage the diets of many others.

I never understood how others didn't have the willpower to resist these foods. How can someone be so weak as to allow something so small to control the way they look and feel?

When I'm dieting, I typically follow a no/low carb, fat protein, high fat diet. This means I'm restricted to eating various meats, vegetables, and basically nothing else (I do eat some a little bit of low sugar fruits such as grapefruits and berries)

Here is the secret
So here is the key to increasing your willpower when dieting. Since you know what your restricted foods are, don't allow yourself to even consider or think about any other foods!

This, combined with Intermittent Fasting, has made dieting for me a piece of cake!

When someone offers you something that you are not supposed to eat, just automatically say NO. Also if you see a food that is not on your list, don't even look at it and think about how delicious it is. 

By doing these things, you don't require any willpower to resist them. Its only when you consider the thought that you can eat something bad, that you have to use your willpower to resist it. Also by thinking about eating something bad, you start to justify to yourself reasons you can eat it.

Studies have shown that humans have a finite amount of willpower. If they use it in one area of their life, they'll have a harder time using it in another. By doing the above that I suggested, your willpower won't need to be "used up" to resist foods and can be used in other areas of your life.

So set yourself up for dieting and fat loss success by not even allowing it to get the point of willpower. Don't even consider or think about the foods you are not supposed to eat!

Let me know how this tip works out for :)

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